How You Can Help

We are often asked what can individuals do to help TLC@home?

Get Involved! Each gift is personalized with the child’s name.

We are now collecting gifts for 2021

how to help

There is a need for donations to make Christmas that much better for the participating children , please see the lists below as a guide for what to donate and what NOT to donate- also please note all items donated must fit in an over sized shoe box.



  • Hat & mitts or gloves
  • Socks & Scarves
    TLC@Home shoeboxes saskatoon

    A TLC@HOME Shoebox

  • Age appropriate craft items
  • Age & gender appropriate toys
  • Toiletry items such as soap, tooth paste & toothbrush, comb, washcloth, shampoo & conditioner (ziplock any liquids please)
  • Healthy food choices
  • T-shirts
  • Games



  • Anything containing nuts
  • Used items
  • Toy guns, knives or toy weapons of any sort.
  • Video games
  • DVD’s
  • No battery powered toys

Look for something entertaining for them, so depending on the age, whether it’s a toy or a craft item, something they can do a game to play a book to read. In the case of boys, sports cars are always a popular item. Girls are always easy because you can put nail polish and jewelry.

Shelley says it depends on the shopper, but approx $30 to a shoebox is ideal. All boxes are checked to make sure they are appropriate and balanced.

The deadline to get shoeboxes back to the salons is mid November. They are always delivered to the schools during the first week of December.

Cash donations are also grateful accepted email or call in to any Hairstyle Inn Salon – Lawson Heights Salon or Centre Mall Salon

People can even make their own gift box to be given to a child.

If you want to shop for a child, we can give you the name and age of a child, if you want to make it personal. For the name of a child please email us at


design@trustedcanada.comHow You Can Help