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TLC@Home is extremely grateful and proud that Cameco and Global have chosen to partners with us:

“Since we became involved, and Cameco came on board, it has grown and we are proud to say that we’ve been able to make the season a little brighter for hundreds of children in our community,” said Lisa Ford, station manager and news director at Global Saskatoon.

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This is the third year Cameco has participated in the program. The Saskatoon-based uranium producer is taking King George and St. Michael schools, along with donating assembling space.

“We want to make a difference in our community and this does that. We are not going to sell more shares on the stock exchange by doing this program and that’s  not why we are doing this program, we’re involved in this because we do want to make that real difference,” said Jonathan Huntington, Cameco’s Director, Corporate Relations.


It’s a sentiment echoed by Ford.

“This grassroots charity, helping our own Saskatoon children, fits in perfectly with our passion for helping those in our community,” said Ford.

“We have had a long standing relationship with Hairstyle Inn and Shelley and Laddie, who started TLC@Home, so it made sense for us to help them promote the charity and help by having our own staff get involved making gift boxes for the children.”

“It really is neat, you walk in, every kid’s got their name on a box and you work through the whole school,” said Huntington. “We measure this program on the amount of smiles and the amount of impact we make and last year was tremendously successful.”

“It is a very humbling experience to see the beautiful smiles from the kids when they get their Christmas box,” added Ford. “I hope it’s making a difference, and even if one child walks away in a happy place, it’s all worth it.”


96.3 Cruz FM radio :Saskatoon’s Greatest Hits playing Hit after Hit from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s… Music that was popular when you were! They help us spread awareness of TLC in so many ways and they also  collect boxes with a 1 day radio marathon.

Trusted Marketing Services: They offer a wide range of Digital Marketing & Web Development Services. Services include Website Design, Website development, Social Media Marketing, SEO & more.We appreciate their marketing support and they donated this website and all associated costs.




Wiegers Financial & Benefits: New partners in 2017 –  We appreciate their generous support . 

Wiegers Financial & Benefits is the largest private financial planning and group benefits consulting firm in Saskatchewan. Established almost 25 years ago by Cliff and Deb Wiegers, the company grew from humble beginnings to a level of success that puts it on par with some of the largest financial planning companies in Canada. 

“The work that TLC@Home does to put smiles on children’s faces at Christmas is so very important; Wiegers Financial & Benefits couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help.  Thank you to TLC@Home for helping make the holidays brighter in our beautiful city.  We wish everyone a joyous holiday season!” Deb & Cliff Wiegers




We also want to thank our supporters!



Cloth For Kids: Cloth for Kids is a Saskatoon charity where volunteers use donated fabric to sew new clothes for Saskatchewan kids in need. They obtain the fabric, yarns, notions and sewing machines through donations. Their team of sewers and volunteers meet weekly to cut and sew items for children. Cloth for Kids provides these items free of charge to professional agencies who can identify where the need is greatest. They have donated many hats, glove and mitts over the years. This year they are also contributing an assortment of handmade lovely fabric bags to @TLC gift boxes. 

      Kinsman Club of Saskatoon: for their ongoing donations


Mawson Health & Fitness: New supporters in 2017: At Mawson Health & Fitness, certified personal trainers help        Saskatoon gym members maximize their work out routine, while our fitness instructors lead classes through calorie-crushing sessions of group fitness such as Zumba, Ride, TRX, Yoga, Total Body Conditioning and more!



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